Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fuck Working People

Those who sale their labor enter into an exploitative relationship. Surplus is value and cutting corners when it comes to your livelihood is the goal. Every system in America is debt creator. Once in debt they own us. Debt slavery is real and working people are never expected to be free. The system is fucked and unfair and needs to be overthrown. They should be nothing about this rotten system that is allowed to stand because its ability to stand is correlated with foundational backs of working people.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

what would happen

What would happen if things were perfect? If the things I rail against were made straight? What would be left after raging against the machine? I am not sure I have cultivated a consciousness that is aware of the light could present. The darkness seems to be make more sense. The failures of existence make more sense to me. I am not sure what it would like to live in a space other than this one that seems to be sparked by cynicism

Thursday, October 19, 2017

sham democracy

This is a sham democracy. The leaders our in the pockets of the powerful. The powerless are amused and distracted by wedge issues and ism are provided to frustrated people whose life chances have diminished. We are grasping at tribalism because they intentionally rigged the game so the tribalism offer the illusion of power. There is no power for the bottom class unless the bottom class unite and overturns the whole shit. Your tribalism and weak nationalism can't save you. The economy is global. The financial interest our global and the belief that some past it's prime nationalism is going to do anything other than give crumbs to a starving alienate body politic is pointless. If the solutions come from the top they are no solutions they are attempt at silencing the rage. Let the rage breathe and see what the rage can produce. Get use to the discomfort as opposed to coveting the comfort of peaceful oppression. We must revolt.


The Zombie existence has been normalized. I don't know how you escape from the zombie induced societal context that we toil in. This is a raw deal. However, the raw deal is better than the unknown so we clutch desperately to this raw deal like it is something more beautiful.

ugly place

I am sad to live in this world. It is so ugly. The way we treat each other. The destruction we bring to ourselves and the planet. It is just ugly and everyday can remind of the ugliness. The ugliness is front and center unless we have numbed ourselves to the concerns of the trivial. Maybe, the trivial is all that matters. It just seems that the larger thing of importance have the potential to damage our attempts at trivial meaning. The world is simply an ugly place.


Does integrity mean anything any more? Are we all chasing our naked self-interest and then providing justifications for why those actions don't make us horrible? Are we simply horrible masquerading as something different? It seems like the evidence is piling up that we are horrible. Integrity has not value in the marketplace where everything is for sale. Our labor is for sale so it should not be surprising that our values are to. We are chasing and rationalizing our self-interest regardless of the carnage that it causes. We want what we want to hell with the consequences. It seems this mindset will lead us to a destruction we definitely deserve.

don't care

The elite don't care. We have no control over the levers to make them care. Their contempt is as clear as day and yet the rationalization of failed democracy from corporate media is laughable. We must fucking revolt. What the fuck is left. The fear of the unknown is enough for us to accept fuck up answers. The answers that the elite are providing is bullshit. The scapegoating of working people. The exhalation of a rigged failed market driven capitalistic nightmare is nauseating. Fuck the whole system and all those that protect it with their fear, obedience  and apathy. There is no need to protect this nightmare upon freedom is buried.

The deafening sound of silence

Whether it be the silent in my classrooms or the relative silence that echoes throughout our society. It is all so deafening. As we march towards more war under the guise of regime change or the disposal of bad people. What if your government is bad? What if your leaders are evil? What happens when you see through the self-righteousness which is simply guise that imperialism wears to fuck up the world? This noise is blaring in my ears every second of every day but the silence in my classrooms is deafening. I don't see any real resistance on the horizon. All I see is silence as we march in lockstep with a society intent of destruction. The baby boomers don't give a shit about 20 years from now because they don't expect to be here.


The powerful stole the remnants of democracy a long time ago. The leaders serve the interest of the corporations. These politicians have no concern for the masses. They are the epitome of naked self-interest at the expense of the collective. The elections our shame and the will of the people is continuously ignored. Revolt and pressure from the streets are the negotiation tools of the masses. Accept of the status quo simply allows for further confiscation of public wealth into privatized hands. These fucking leaders are corrupt and embarrassment. Fuck both parties and their stranglehold over discourse and their continued march towards further exploitation of the peasant class. Those barely hold on, close to oblivion with one bad break need to wrestle this corrupt system from the corrupt leaders pretending to govern. Revolt, is the only thing left.