Thursday, August 3, 2017

ape shit

Society tells us lies from the beginning. We are lied to then we lie to others. We convince that suffering under an empire that is indifferent to our concerns is normal. What the fuck is the hold up? Why are we so afraid to fucking demand more for our lives. Death is certain an the zombie type existence that passes for life might as well be death. Fear is the tool of the powerful to make us cowards of obedience. The people in power are liars. They pretend but are simply using jargon to masked their naked self-interest. Why am I or we for whoever this resonates with so afraid to just fucking go ape shit against the system. Why is comfort suck a fucking numbing prison?

the trap

The student loan trap. Society is set up in so many way to trap its citizens who are seen as nothing more than consumers. The goal is tie debt and force of into wage slavery that only solidifies our obedience. The American system of crony capitalism and the peddling of misinformation leads to misery for the masses. The system is grotesque in its deception. The people deserve more than to simply be debt slaves or wage slaves or simply slaves to the lies of consumerism. Fuck the system. It nothing to cherish and it cannot be redeemed. Transformation to a place where we can really breath is essential. This will not occur with wide scale revolt .

Monday, July 31, 2017


The political system is not broken it just works the way it would you design to. I don't think public leadership is a thing we all seem to be pretty self-serving. Governance is simple a oppression. We should all be able to do what the fuck we want and simply leave with the consequences. The notion that government are some entity knows better is bullshit. Let people do what they fuck they want. Everything we are told from the school system is one of complete and utter mind control. We learn very early on that we should not trust ourselves that living for others is glorious. The messages of the world are full of shit.

seem to think

We all seem to think that the world should reflect our truth. That we have the answer to the way things should be. Is self-righteousness simply beat into our D.N.A? I wonder? I am not above this notion that I have an answer for the world problems. When in reality, I don't know how to change any of the shit that really matters. We seem stuck and the lies that we have been told about our importance only make shit harder. The world does not give a fuck what you think. They are some people who will care. The are people who your actions and words may mean the world to but the larger external world does not give a fuck.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Why special

We have been utterly convinced of our specialness. Of the entitlements that show flow to us because we are here. The privileges we ignore or never enough to soothe the ego of more. Almost everything it seems we have been told could be considered a lie or at best the truth for someone else. We are seemingly alone in our lives while we make the assumptions that others can fulfill or answer the inner questions that seem to have no answers.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

eager for war

Why are the people in charge so eager for war? How do those of without the power to determine the directions of nations have to be victims of greedy people eager for destruction to feed their egos? We deserve more maybe that is why we cling to the hope of god. Who can help us as so many of us are forced to be victims of empire. Will anyone remember us? What can we do to say that the decisions being made in our name are detrimental to our collective humanity?

Monday, July 3, 2017

mindless structures

We are pushing through the mindless structures set up to ensure our slavery. Slaves to the state. Slaves to the norm, Slaves to the conventional wisdom that was designed to ensure that we would never question. All the structures that keep the house of cards of float are based on lies. The shit is all a lie and we get lied to from birth until death. Only a few will live courageous lives most simply follow paths of fear and create justifications for why this cowardice deserved to be called something else.

arrival at the shit storm

Have did we arrive at this point politically? This shit is a sad joke the seeds for this joke where planted when the notion of racial progress was evident. So, now here we are in this fucked up place pretending it is not fucked up or to high, drunk or self-indulgent to care or maybe the caring leads you to get high or drunk. You can know something is fucked up that does not mean you have any power to change it. What we know and what we can do inhabit to entirely different worlds.


The shit all feels like noise as people have become convinced that they know what is right. So, ultimately what is the reward for thinking one is right I guess power so this is all a search for meaning that is connected to holding onto to ideas that secure your position. This shit is utter noise and shutting off the noise is the only way to stay insane. I say insane because the sane so to have normalized the noise and the bullshit.