Friday, May 15, 2020


Shit is fucked.. There does not need to be poetic language to draw a clearer picture. Shit is fucked and crumbling. Now, what does one do in the midst of that which is crumbling? Some, we move to control the micro and almost keep at the bay the larger nightmare that threatens to make it all seem so futile? I exist in the midst of futility. Constantly, questioning the meaning behind the meaningless activities that fuel our days. It hard to feel that this whole thing is not simply one big lie.

Thursday, May 14, 2020


The lost of the ability to distract. That why we hope to consume because to consume is to devour whole the void that screams at us in solitude. So, now we left in the midst of trash circumstances praying to deities to take pity on wandering souls. Yeah, we have always projected onto superheroes our true feelings about the powerlessness that is so fundamental to this experience.


Like the world is really ending. Anxiety is real. We think it will return to normal but normalcy is just the ability to consume. What we have consumed is the lie that normalcy will return. No we have exited to the off ramp of dystopia. As nightmares make their mark on the daydreams that brought hope. No, hope is dead left in a the shallow grave. The future is grim.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

fuck the media

The media is simply the tool of corporate elite. We have a massive campaign of misinformation. We are never going to have anything radical in reference to reforms for the masses will because the elites would rather let any form of revolution occur other than a progressive movement. We are fucked and it gives me an anxiety headache when I think about how unlikely it is for the change that is needed to ever be seen


The pandemic exposed how unprepared we are for the end. As death is constantly following us as we move through the days. The government is broken by design and the leaders have long sense jumped the shark. We are now in the shark infested waters of despair. No one is coming to save us and the movie does not end well. There will be screaming at the oncoming onslaught of a breakdown of the consumeristic privilege that isolates us from the fact that this shit is going down. We are on the titanic shuffling chairs while the ship is going down. We are in the midst of going down into the lake of alienation. There is no life jackets for a life on this planet. The tipping point will eventually tip us all over.


The planet is dying!!!! Is this new information? Have people always worried about the fact that the planet is dying or more likely the planet is transforming and the human race might not be long for the journey. We have place ourselves at the center and maybe that is the issue. We are dying always have been and maybe that fear is the reason why we do fucked up shit. Trying to outrun the end. Trying to outthink the end. All of it leaves us grasping for meaning. The meaning is suppose to silence the fear that we are going to die and the planet most likely does not give a shit. The longing to matter or the false illusion that we matter might be the fucking problem.

freedom is a farce

What does freedom even look like? Getting free from the entanglements of the matrix. The matrix is a true story as we have been socialized to believe in it's fiction. The problem is we don't get out alive. We are stuck in the decaying reality of what is. What does it mean to be living at the end of empire? How depressing is it to long for their freedom of your ignorance and privilege? We want things to go back simply to a place of blind ignorance because to be alive is to be connected to the pain of awareness? Are you aware that you're alive to fact that you're dying. That this is all going to end probably before you hope it would.


The notions of screaming into the wind. Is it even considered that the wind is indifferent? Who hears or more importantly who really cares about our screams. What does validation mean? After being supposedly heard does anything change? We seem lost in the midst. I seem lost in the midst. No, answer on the horizon.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

the ideology of dumb fucks

Writing is pointless because the masses don't even read the written word. Communication is dead. Thus the communication of ideas through scholarship is dying. We are increasingly a stupid mass of people pretending to be smart through the support of positions classified as woke. We are dumb and the sooner we realize that the majority of our dumb engaging in the process of collective stupidity for sport the better our society will be. Shit, maybe it would not be better but at least we would be more honest about how stupid we really are . A trash collection of dumb fucks