Friday, June 16, 2017


You got to put words in disguises because without them words laid bare expose sadness. Truth, what does that even mean? We cling to clich├ęs but the power to live is elusive. Shit, even these words sound like weak attempts to be authentic. Maybe, anytime we use words we are simply constructing lies because we can't interpret how we feel. What it to fuel and who can understand? How can we communicate without the tired attempts to speak?


Life seems to be more about lost than gain. This could simply be the vantage point. Pointing in directions that never lead to clear destinations. Maybe, there are not destinations not to be existential but is this not a crisis? It feels like dystopia has been normalized as Hollywood put the bug in our ear years ago. They just fed us an exaggerated picture so that the present day would be accepted. Shit, this is not say we accept it with no protest just that protest has become a relic it not longer has the power to be anything other food for media vultures that have no interest in producing legitimate content to feed the masses. Nah, we have a diet of pointless takes so we take them for granted never dissecting how this diet can ultimately lead to ruin. Shit, we might already be in the ruin and we have simply adapted to it.


Truthfully, searching for feelings. They numbed us into acceptance. We can't even touch or get in touch with feelings. They dehumanized us into robots and I guess that was the plan as we are easy to control and we have become convinced that we are woke with amounts to nothing more than artificial intelligence.


Yeah, it's crazy how spectacle has become specifically normalized in the midst of America. We long for reality shows as they show us how to live and what to aspire to. We lost, not argument there but the compass to get us back to place of sanity seems buried under lies and false paths. God, if she can here us is struggling with answers just like earthly mothers that suffer in silence as the world bruising theirs kids. We all our ultimately kids even though we grow.

Friday, May 12, 2017

back to basics

The court is in session and it seems that we will resort back to a court where black and brown people will be back to being exploited by the game of mass incarceration. They incarcerate in order to lacerate any possibilities of liberation.


Do people love of simply the projections they place on you. You are not real to most just a figment of their imaginations. As they imagine what their life would be with the projected you. You see we are seemingly invisible because what is visible distorts projections and projections soothe the souls of those constantly looking for something.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

my place

This can't be life. Nah, this is it as notions that it can't be are only possible when you feel that you deserve more. I am not sure that is the case. Shit I am not sure what I am sure of and truthfully that is always been my place.

we write

We write hoping that our words will cement the legacy that lived lives will not. Not in some bleak realization. Only in the sense that in the midst of the real shit, shit is bleak. Bleak outlooks as you grow older and realize death is on the horizon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

false claims

Claiming purity but steadily losing purity contest no contest I am fucked. Fucked, not in a depressing sense just in the sense that I can't get right. Righteousness, seems to be out of my reach so I reach for a brokenness that seems more authentic.