Wednesday, June 5, 2019

media leeches

The media is rife with self-importance. It has become a tool of misinformation. A shaper of narratives. Individuals should shape narratives not entities design to oppress. The media is annoying and should be viewed through the lens of a problematic source of division.

socialized repression

The society socializes repression. We are socialized to be slaves of moderation. We are told to ignore impulse. We live  defined by the architects of social engineering. From birth we are taught to not trust ourselves and to seek outside guidance for our needs. This is acceptable in our infantile stage but once we mature we must learn independence. If not we will live quiet lives of desperation trusting that others will provide the answer for our lives.

Monday, June 3, 2019


Personal failures become resentments that fuel systemic analysis. Are we self-righteous or self-pitying are lonely status with the status based system. Do we want to do away with ranking or do we simply want a higher rank? What is true for me? How is responsible for this lot in life? Is a collective of choices are we or fate? Which one makes life easier to deal? Is the easiest deal the most satisfying? Is there truth or is this all cosmic bullshit? Not really sure? The answer offered seem hollow.

brainwashing 101

At times it seems easier to get lost in the collective than to stand as individual and chart a way forth that makes sense to you. How do you shed the notion that the allegiances of the group must restrict you? Group based thinking. Is it strategic or simply an easy way to deny the power of choice? Scared humans who do not want to start the process of thinking for themselves. We are brainwashed into group think to the detriment of personal freedom.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Class Based Thinking

The Billionaire class must be stopped. It is imperative that the collective labor consciousness transcends the individualistic thinking that poisons revolution. The Billionaire class has been waging war on working people since inception. The goal to divide the working class and to steal public wealth and privatize it is deeply problematic. We have to wrestle of the government from the hands of the elite. If this is not done the descent to dystopia continues. The surge to the right continues with a massive redirection of society and  affirmation of the social contract.

Friday, November 2, 2018


It seems like the reality is that ignorance has become the new currency. Trolling with ideas that lack substance has sustained profit? So, profit is immense but the descent into a world a weak arguments and no framework for dialog is maddening? We are on a collision court with a fate that highlights our faith in stupidity. Maybe we deserve it?

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Systems, programming, brainwashing an the attempts to breed complicit masses. I hate when people say wake up. Like, what does that mean? Simply opening our eyes to the madness. What does this do? However, once you see you can't see even if you want to.

Thursday, May 31, 2018


Intellect is even a commodity. Everything for sale? What does the marketplace say? That is how lives are recorded and valued achieved. Thinking that your book smarts are valuable. The marketplace says otherwise. So, you're then wise in your own eyes. Affirmation thus coming from self-righteousness or the notions that others don't get it. In the end you might be the one that does not get it. The ideas that win are the ones remembered.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

big spectacle

This has all become just one big spectacle. We are all commodities for the capitalistic impulses of empire. We can't handle so this we retreat in the world of memes and social media debates about the trivial because we know we can't change the real? Or that changing the real will require more than a social media presence. Who is ready to really shake shit up? Silence, from the crowd or worst indifference to the different landscape that future generations will be forced to live on. Damn, we just live on. Truthfully, what is one really suppose to do beyond the witness? We even become to that which we witness. It seems human nature. Fucked up human nature.