Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The degradation of labor

Workers are all over the world are exploited. This is the context to view labor. If you do not own your labor them you're a slave to the whims and desires of forces outside your control. We are either in control or controlled. If you're controlled then there is no way for you to be free. Economic slavery is the model of capitalism. So, whenever you see workers you will see exploitation. Whether it be the exploitation of bodies, minds or spirits. Capitalism is intent to make robots out of us all. There is no escape imperialistic capitalism is a worldwide beast devouring everything in it's wake. The majority us live lives as victims of system that see us as replaceable. This truth leads us to seek escapism or to envision utopia. Utopia is simply a tool that the powerless created to soothe the reality that there they were born in a hierarchy where their struggle is invisible. Fuck the system. Or more realistically the system is fucking us.

Monday, October 9, 2017


The fact that we do not exert any power over the conditions we find intolerable says something about power. We allow for ourselves to be victim. Government is not god. Systems cannot save you. They will only serve to further exploit those that believe don't matter. The reality is there needs to be a resurgence of life. One must conquer the fear that they will die. Fear of death makes cowards of us all. To simply accept conditions we know are to our detriment. Somebody will win and someone will lose. What side will you be on.

Friday, October 6, 2017

What if this was the bad place? Watching the show the bad place has me thinking if of our notion of heaven h

punch clocks

We are so happy for Fridays. The crumbs of freedom is enough to satisfy those who punch clocks for a living. The way society is arranged is bullshit. This fucked up arrangement is the fall. The reality that heaven is of leisure while hell is a place of toil. This is the bad place. We punch clocks

ilusions is compulsion

Freedom is an illusion. You have choices given to you. What you really want does not matter? Is that something that we ever really think about? Most of the wisdom that is needed to make the right choices is given to you painfully after the fuck ups. So, hindsight is 20/20 but the shit in the rearview can't really be revisited. So, the reality is you can't do shit with the knowledge of the past. History is doomed to repeat or you could simply say that the fuck ups of history simply manifest in the possibilities of the future. The story is continuous and you do not get the luxury of cutting of one chapter. No, this shit is interconnected so the failures and the mistakes are etched as strongly as the victories.

Fake News

For the most part this shit has always been fake. The information was never designed to empower. It was always meant to shape a zombie population. We are the zombies and we are all walking slowly towards death clinging to the idea that something better exist after. I don't know how to wrap my head around the idea that utopia exist. It seems for more likely that human hands have built the vehicle of civilization and it will soon crash because the drivers of drunk off the alluring alcohol of hubris. Utopia is for those on the bottom who can't shake the notion of fairness. The belief that one deserves more is the biggest impediment to acceptance. I don't know if I know anyone who feels like they have gotten what they deserve. Even the ones who feel they have everything.

regular people

America is simply the vehicle for the interest of elites. Regular people don't matter. Societies have not progressed as far as they would like to believe. Those born on the bottom for the most part will remain at or near the bottom. The puppet governments for the true masterminds have no concern for us. We seek to this blunt reality by clinging to racial identities and wearing the mask of victims to wrestle concessions away from an apparatus that could give two fucks about our existence. At some point the regular people need to fucking revolt against the system that we were born into. The vehicles of the elite can't continue to trample over the regular people.

Money Tree Normalcy

The fact that payday loans shops are the norm. This should tell about the state of making it in America in 2017. The majority are not. They are will step away from poverty. This is a feudal system in 2017. The majority can purchase distraction to distract them from the reality that they are owned and will never work hard enough or have enough to buy their freedom. Money tree, that is funny because money does not grow on trees but debts does. This system is fucked and debt is at the end of the rigged economy rainbow. Stop seeking to escape and lie to yourself that this system can be changed. It cannot and it has most us shackled by the debt chains. The misery only alleviated by the allure of the trinkets to distract. This whole thing is fucked and we should stop pretending that it is not.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The implosion

Can the implosion of the NFL be seen as an implosion of corporate greed? The NFL has been dealing with the issue of never-ending expansion. The NFL network a money grab. Red Zone, which further stunts the miniscule attention span of the sports fan. The quality has diminished. The Brand has stifled the talents of the individuals. Individualism is destroyed in order to push some collectivist bullshit. These are things that can be seen as reasons behind the slow crumble of the NFL.