Tuesday, May 22, 2018


The notion of self. Who loves the true you? In a world of conditional love who will be their loving you after the mask. Can anyone truly love that which is one's true self? Feel like we are forced to wear mask of acceptance. What is not a calculated statement of acceptance? I am pretending with the mask? The real me at times feels trapped by external forces. Shit, it seems that this has been the story of my life.

Friday, May 18, 2018

born to use mic

The notion of moving forward. The stories we are told about how to live are simply neatly fashioned lies. History, has provided no beautiful answers but rather endless examples of the realness of humanity. A virus that rationalizes it's importance. The noise is endless. We are victims and oppressors embody in a narrative of destruction. Or do the messages of destructions simply absolve us the punishment? What if punishment is simply another creation for control? What does it look like without the desire to create stories about what is happening.

the man without a face

Do I think big to feel big? Truthfully at time I can feel so small. Like the world is bigger than me thus I seek solutions to the big issues of the time to deal with the truth that on the micro I have no answer.


So much of it is noise. Or maybe the noise simply exist between my ears. Deep thoughts or is that simply what I tell myself? How is would to know what is deep it this signaled by the validation of others? Who am I? Like seriously away from the positions? Have I become a caricature of a real person. I feel like even to say authentic or real has become mere commodities. It really seems like you can't escape the matrix.

Friday, May 11, 2018


It is maddening when you feel stuck. Like really want can you do about problematic systems? I tell myself that conscious raising raises the possibilities for a better world. However, with time that seems like a false premise that allows for me to keep string on sanity. A shoestring that is laced with depression. Depressive states can't help but be ignored. I think most want more than their lives to be about what they can endure. However, what is there after enduring?

Monday, April 30, 2018

rules, force, compliance.

The issue for me is rules one is force to play by? We are born without capital thus we must turn our bodies/ minds into vehicles of survival on the terms of others. We don't own ourselves. Capitalism, owns us and the ideologies of compliance simply flow from the premise that onto the wheel your were born with no choice but to run until death. Capitalism, produces the need for escapism. It destroys what should be a beautiful experience.

Thursday, April 26, 2018


They capitalize off the shackles. Thus it should be no surprise that they seek to construct shackles in different forms. Form fitting shackles that silence and relegate many to positions of powerlessness. The cruel game is so entrenched it's imprint is embedded in all the institutions. So, that makes those institutions complicit.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

falling in to cliches

So many of the discussion have falling into clich├ęs. The idea that black people are not monolithic is not new. However, what does that mean? In reality there are things that we all experience that you would think would produce a shared sentiment. However, this is not about resistance for some. No, it is about profit. There is no profit in the monolithic collectivism necessary for resistance. So, I will step out and appeal to those who disregard blackness or have a inability or unwillingness to acknowledge the impact of systems. I will pimp individualism for profit at the expense of resistance. Truth is, resistance is difficult, depressing and decorated with despair. So, it is no surprise that people are out here pimping notions of contrarian black thoughts those who are monolithic in their belief that black pain does not exist.


They have already created the environment for artificial intelligence. We are the cloned models of one another. We have been lied to about our lives being so different when in reality this is all the same game. Victims/ Oppressors and all other simplistic forms of understanding leave us all living artificially. This shit is fake. This is not a call to be real because even being real has simply become another commodity. This all fake. The manipulation of our lives by those with the remote control is real.