Monday, January 25, 2016


I could lie to myself and soothe festering insecurity with the security of a bottle but patron has never solved a problem but it has sought to soothe the mind of one who knows that those real problems can't be solved. So, what is solved for a night is the hopelessness attached with living in the midst of failed systems and flawed people.

million apologies

A million apologies never given cause I could not give myself over to the possibility that I was full of shit. However, what is known is learned through close proximity so those close know flawed truths and I hope those truths are enough. If not a million apologies.


Love stories don't always have happy endings. What ends could leave scars of resentment or regret because there is the memory of what might have been. Love stories are beautiful because they reflect possibility. However possibilities end and you're ultimately left with the beauty of what is.


Commodification of what it means to be a victim. Everybody wants to say how bad they had it but truthfully what does that change. It is loose change in the sense that it does not change the composition of my pockets. Not saying pockets reflect health just that a healthy bank account could account for a better mood.


I am not above a like and this truth makes it hard to like yourself. Cause love of self begins with self but I am affirmed by the likes associated with a selfie. So, self-soothing is seen in the affirmation of others. As others hold imaginary keys because the door to acceptance has been locked.


The whole shit is for sale. You can't escape the marketplace like ancestors could not outrun their place on the  auction blocks. Blocks are for building but since blocks don't get along I see why there is no building. So, we are stuck in the midst of selling ourselves and souls for food clothing shelter.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Damn, you cant even take drinking water for granted as the weight of consciousness feels like granite grant it we will be on to the next has- tag soon. Damn, consciousness is really not enough. As the limits of what's enough seems to be at the bottom floor and we are still in our descent. Decent people are concerned but concerns don't alter policies and poisoned waters show the well of indifference is far from empty. More empty words of mock outrage and truth be told it might not even be mock but we are still mocked for rage. So, we rage against machines and machines of corruption still move with impunity. Impeach someone but shit will they simply be replaced by another figurehead I can't figure it would be anything less.


The modes for getaway don't lead to being able to get away. There is nowhere one can escape. Or maybe escape is simply an illusion. Shit I don't know. I just don't see the fairness in the social arrangements and maybe that the issue some sense of fairness.


What if you don't want to sell anything? If you're not interested in turning yourself into a brand? Then are you branded as lazy with no impulse to grind. I don't want to live in grind mode. As the masses are grounded to dust. Nothing for sale becomes a slogan to advertise difference. Nothing is free of the matrix.


Are we punished when We don't explicitly live for GOD? It seems vengeful to condemn children who don't follow your rules.


Time at time can be cruel because lessons are learn after time has passed. So, in that passing we never get back the moments for the knowledge of regret to be beneficial. The morality of life creeps in when dreams are deferred. The fear of will I ever reach anything other than regret.