Friday, October 21, 2011


It is time! The time for resistance is at hand? We can no longer allow for fear to cripple our conscious and for the threat of estrangement from the norm to silence our voices. The social contract that each American has signed has been ignored by elites who seek to ignore and desecrate the responsibility that society owes the individual. Affordable Housing, Decent Schooling and Health care are not simply the privileges of the rich but are necessities that all Americans should enjoy. So it is time to resist the heartless direction the country is heading in. We must fight to alter the course of a country that has seemingly lost its way. Somewhere along the line we forgot the strength of a nation is exemplified in the prosperity of its people. America has degenerated into a place that is prosperous for a few and miserable for many. The time for resistance and the challenging of these brutal truths is at hand. Let us forge a new path rooted in love and a desire to see all prosper.

Class Warfare

We must resist the illusion that class warfare is being perpetrated by a government that is fighting on behalf of the poor. The government is a tool of elites that is killing the middle class and creating a perpetual underclass while the riches of the wealthiest remain untouched. Those who rest on the ground floor of America where dreams of hard work and eventual success quiet the rumblings that something is not right about our society must wake up. The system is not rooted in fairness, and for most humble beginnings will re-emerge in humble endings if society is not forced to live up to its historical promises. So the poor must recognize that warfare is being waged and they are the victims of policies rooted in a desire to refashion America into a state where the haves continue to enjoy prosperity while the poor suffer with only the illusion of future wealth to distill their frustration. We must wake up!

Give Peace a Chance!

Those who believe that the idea of peace is nothing more than an unrealistic notion embraced by liberals and hippies ignore its ability to heal and transform the world. Our world is being torn apart by a corrupt ideology rooted in the belief that violence solves problems. That enemies and opponents of our perspectives can be destroyed through literal violence or violent rhetoric. The time is now for advocates of peace to challenge the culture of war that threatens to continue to sow the seeds of violence into the fertile soil of democracy. We must peacefully resist attempts by the powerful to use violence to subdue the world for its imperialistic purposes. Peace must be the weapon for those who believe that change is not only essential but necessary if our world is to be rescued from the violent path that we are currently on.

Man Up!

It is time for men to recognize collectively they ways in which they have dropped the ball. The seemingly unwillingness of men to understand manhood in any empowering way has created a environment where men advocate for the privilege of manhood without proper sacrifices. This truth has give way to an environment and culture that affirms men’s narcissisms and allows men to actually act like boys. We must begin to redefine manhood apart from selfishness and domination. Manhood must begin to be connected with responsibility, integrity and pride in order to rebuild communities that are searching for men but yet are stuck with boys pretending to be ready for the mantle of manhood that covet but cannot fulfill. Our communities will continue to be missing a vital component essential to its health until men begin to learn what it really means to be a man.

New Alternatives

The American political system is broken. The two party system no longer incorporates progressive ideals into the political discourse. The country is moving further to the right and those who long for an egalitarian society are left with a democratic party that is weak an unwilling or unable to clearly articulate a vision that appeals to the disenfranchised. What this means is that for those who feel that their voice is neglected by the two party system they must begin to advocate for a new party. Politics as usual will continually leave those who classify themselves as disenfranchised frustrated and forced to compromise with a political establishment that views their concerns as not necessary to their political success. The time is now to begin the process of creating a legitimate political alternative to the foolishness of the Republican and Democratic Party.