Monday, August 26, 2013

I at times feel like screaming. The question is. What direction do I point the ire of my discontent. I guess I am not content with the idea that I should be content. I want more. Not more in the sense of materials but more for my existence? What happens when all definitions for more are defined by capitalism. I want more in the sense that I would like to feel more and rescue myself from society induced cruise control. How do we tap back into real feelings in a world of masquerades and accepted identities that we wear as we long for mass acceptance. Mass acceptance is a prison. At times the notion of acceptance is a prison. Where is the freedom?


Where is there freedom? Where are there no chains? Nothing to bind us to lives of conformity? I long to live free recognizing that cliches frame my limited understanding of what freedom really is? Is this life? I do not want to embrace pseudo-identities. I long for real in a world of plastic cuts outs that define life choices. I want more choices. I want freedom. What does freedom mean? Difficult to explain but I feel nothing but chains. Chains of allegiance that force me to smile in the face of absurd notions of the good life that do not motivate me. Freedom! Let's Get Free!