Monday, February 10, 2014


Damn! Who knew that silent words could be louder than uncontrolled screams? As silence has become the drug of choice for those addicted to the narcotic of cowardice. Silence is the new politically correct and indifference and apathy are the tunes that shuffle through our Ipods. I pause, and crave a time when silence was not so cultivated. When people words were formulated to ferment revolution not navigate and nurture their narcissism. Damn, when did silence become fashionably attire? More importantly when will the season change? When will voices rise in unison to detest the course we have taken? When will voices be used as more than instruments that trumpet I? I wonder, there is no self-righteousness in my tone. I feel like I am just tone-deaf because I am tired of the silent tracks that dominant the American Playlist.