Sunday, November 24, 2013

When did we become Enemies?

It seems that, as time goes by, women and men have become more adversarial in their relationship. I am simply questioning, "when did the shift happen?" When did it become a percieved battle between the sexes as opposed to a collective struggle for equality? We have been asleep at the wheel and allowed for destructive ideologies to enter our communities. Ideologies take us away from each other and interject us with a bitterness towards each other. It is no wonder that relationships seem to be a thing of the past. Along with the idea of a good man or woman, or simply the notions of the simple.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Exit signs

It is sad that our comically short attention spans cannot span the length of a commercially As commercially created conflicts confine us from the truth. What is the truth? The truth is that we seem to be asleep at the wheel as we drive towards destruction. The question is are we to drunk off ignorance to be given keys to drive. I would love to see us drive towards freedom but at times I feel like a backseat driver unable to divert the reckless course capitalistically approved designated drivers. Where are the exit signs on the freeways of oppression? Or are we simply forced to play the role of spaced out children who do not wake up until the car stops? When will the car stop? When we need vehicles be built that can transport us to happier times. I long for those days. Let's Get Free!


Can we even think critically? Or have we had our capacities drained to the point where consciousness can only survive at the surface? Where simplistic motivational phrases receive our approval but substance is ignored or is simply to complexity to digest? Does the pursuit of truth still matter or have we simply chosen the path of least resistance hoping to indulge our narcissism with trinkets of vanity? Is freedom still valuable or have the chains of conformity become permanent pieces of our attire? I guess I tire of the domination of evil as much as tire of seeing the SEC in the BCS championship game. I long for legitimate forms of resistance to the evils that plague humanity. I long for us to dig deep and wrestle with historical questions that should leave us uneasy. It should not be easy to ignore the suffering of our fellow human beings. In their suffering we should see a responsibility to do something. Or at least the undying urgency to alleviate that suffering with every fiber of our being. It is not about being able to reason away oppression. It should be about using our lives as testaments to the reality that the persistence of evil has not weaken our will to resist. Resistance now! Resistance forever! Let's Get Free!

Accidental Indifference

I think at times it is difficult to recognize our indifference. We are lulled to sleep with the necessity of living our lives. Living our lives to the point where we reject the bigger picture. Where the tragedies of oppression and injustice become normalized through the instruments of the powerful. As they  seek to desensitize us to the tragedies that take place on the larger stage. I do not feel we are indifferent intentionally, but we must recognize that as we are immersed in the daily complexities of living life that the bigger picture is frightening. The possible escalation of war in Syria is one issue that deserves more of our collective attention but I am sure the Mayweather vs Canelo fight or Manziel versus Alabama hold more importance in the lives of many. This is not me chastising others for where they choose to divert their energies. No, I am simply saying that when we divert so much of our time towards that which could be viewed as trivial we have the possibility of becoming indifferent to the things that impact lives. Lives must be more valued than they our and when we vicariously immerse ourselves in the spectacle of distraction we may be distracted away from the real tragedy of where our society is going. Let's Get Free!

Monday, August 26, 2013

I at times feel like screaming. The question is. What direction do I point the ire of my discontent. I guess I am not content with the idea that I should be content. I want more. Not more in the sense of materials but more for my existence? What happens when all definitions for more are defined by capitalism. I want more in the sense that I would like to feel more and rescue myself from society induced cruise control. How do we tap back into real feelings in a world of masquerades and accepted identities that we wear as we long for mass acceptance. Mass acceptance is a prison. At times the notion of acceptance is a prison. Where is the freedom?


Where is there freedom? Where are there no chains? Nothing to bind us to lives of conformity? I long to live free recognizing that cliches frame my limited understanding of what freedom really is? Is this life? I do not want to embrace pseudo-identities. I long for real in a world of plastic cuts outs that define life choices. I want more choices. I want freedom. What does freedom mean? Difficult to explain but I feel nothing but chains. Chains of allegiance that force me to smile in the face of absurd notions of the good life that do not motivate me. Freedom! Let's Get Free!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Slaves

 Harriet Tubman once proclaimed "I freed thousand of slaves. I could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves. It seems that we have become accustomed to the chains. The chains have become accessories that we refuse to discard. The unknown garments of freedom do not appeal to the taste of the conveniently enslaved. No, the masses seem content with the limited notions of freedom. So, when the newly freed slaves scream in the wilderness about the beauty of freedom their screams are muffled by the earphones of conformity.The predicament of John is clearly illuminated when speaking about freedom to those who would rather remain in bondage. As the acceptance of bondage is easy when your misery is normalized. It seems that before we can break the chains there has to be an acknowledgment that chains exist.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My pen

I guess you can say that in this current moment my pen bleeds hopelessness. As I try to resurrect through the written word my faith in humanity.  Why so callous America? Why so indifferent to the suffering? While are rationales for injustice easier than the demand for accountability from the guilty? I do not profess to hold the answers. I just believe that the questions so drive us crazy until the solutions rescue us from the brink. We are on the brink. On the brink of what has yet to be decided.  We will decide with our actions. The answers to the questions that arise in the wake of the not guilty verdict remain covered but not for long. So as long as there is injustice I will allow for my pen to be long winded. Let’s get Free!