Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pull yourself up by your Bootstraps Lebron the American story

The things we believe about Lebron are the same ignorant things will believe about success in America. Why can't he just win the title? Even in the midst of a team sport our selfish narrative of individualism blinds us to the truth. Individuals do not win titles teams do. However, this would be difficult for our country to accept. A country that prides itself on believing that individuals determine their success alone. That systemic barriers do not limit the life chances of many and that by simply making the right choices success will be the outcome. Lebron is great that does not mean that there are not other teams better than the one he is on. Winning a title will be determined by the collective. It is this collective narrative that would transform our communities as well. The belief that success is not simply this singular goal that can be achieved by our greatness. We need help! Can we accept that, can we see past the allure of believing that we can do it all. The American system wins if we keep alive these narratives that the system has no impact. That individuals can simply will themselves to success. This is as likely as one man willing himself to a team title. Something to think about. Let's Get Free!